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Our Team

Our Team

As CEO and founder of CodeREV Kids, Evan draws from his experience as an education entrepreneur, STEM educator, and lead product manager for education software. Evan had built multiple education systems, presented about gbl and pbl in tech at ISTE, and has been covered by ABC, CBS, and Business Rockstars.

As Evan became familiar with local school curricula in his 14 years teaching STEM, he grew to see coding as the missing link that was not being taught in schools. Having built his own websites for his own business and then diving deeper into front end development, Evan felt learning coding online should be more engaging and fun, and more educational than the content he found online. With this in mind, he built kidslovecode with a stellar team of educators and software engineers to help kids of all types learn to code online in a project based, affordable format.


Dr. Stuppy drives CodeREV Kids educational products to be as excellent as they can be. Dr. Stuppy is former CTO of Sylvan, CIO of Princeton Review, President of Tutor Vista, and VP of Product at ETS (Creators of the SAT, GMAT, and GRE).

Dr. Stuppy has been featured by ABC, NBC, CBS, The NY Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He earned his B.S. in Biological Sciences and Masters in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education at Stanford University, an MBA in marketing, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy from UCLA. He is an expert on fast growth strategies, mastery learning and technology enabled school reform.


Phillip Leslie is a software engineer that has been passing down his ability to program to others for 8 years.

Phillip received his B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA, and has provided his services for companies such as HP, Cisco, and Google.

On his leisure time, Phillip enjoys hobbies like animating characters to life, bowling curve balls, reading superhero biographies, and pwning noobs in a variety of games.


Morgan Heacock has been in the games and software industry for seven years. Having worked for Microsoft’s game testing division as a tester and trainer, Morgan Heacock taught custom tools to staff and created their training documentation. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Morgan Heacock co-taught courses at Portland State University in both game development and programming.

Through these experiences, Morgan Heacock has developed a clear enthusiasm for teaching, and believes anyone can program. When not coding or teaching, Morgan keeps up with the latest in scientific discoveries, does digital painting and writes fiction.


Mylo Lam serves as a lead curriculum consultant for CodeREV as he works on mathcraft and other educational products and services.

While earning his Masters in Education at Harvard University, Mylo Lam worked on Common Core alignment for Scratch, which he also worked on with the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a popular a programming language designed for kids.

Mylo Lam was also lead content manager for Educade.org, curriculum developer at PlayMaker School, and lead researcher for NSF funded project Learning Lens, which assesses learning through multimedia data capture.

Mylo Lam is also a talented actor.


Kids Love Code is supported by education and technology experts out of the Harvard and Stanford Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab. With these proven, project-based courses, Kids Love Code offers the ideal synthesis of online learning and STEAM education.
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