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What Makes Kids Love Code So Special?

  • Best Curriculum – written by real developers, educational technology professors, and the ever rare combo of teacher/programmers.
  • Highest Quality Teachers – Support by real programmers with real-world programming experience and stellar teaching experience
  • Real Learning, Real Assessments, created by True Education Experts – Amazing, state-of-the-art video lessons, with eye-popping animations, and proven assessments driven and written by the leading assessment creators worldwide.


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After years of development and testing, Professor Boorman and John have teamed up to bring you these groundbreaking digital courses at an affordable price because they strongly believe that everyone should be able to afford the highest quality tech education, and that learning should be exciting. Professor Boorman and John bring a combined 60+ years of education technology visionary experience to these courses and assessments, and believe they provide the only program that truly combines just the right balance between fun and education.

stu5Professor Erie Boorman

Professor Boorman Boorman is the Director of Learning and Decision Making Lab at UC Davis, which lies at the intersection of Psychology, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Economics. Professor Boorman earned a Post Doctoral Degree from Oxford and Cal Tech, a Ph.D from Oxford University, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University.

Professor Boorman’s research has led to advancements in CodeREV’s approach to learning by integrating leading cutting edge research on learning, retention, and decision making in real world environments. Dr. Boorman’s guidance continues to drive CodeREV’s ongoing innovations and research in the areas of curriculum, training, and robotics.



John Stuppy

Dr. Stuppy helps drive Kids Love Code courses to be innovative, exciting, and outcome driven. Dr. Stuppy possesses a PhD in Education from UCLA, and a Masters in Education from Stanford. Over his career, he has amassed 39 technology patents and has helped pioneer online STEM education. Dr. Stuppy is former CTO of Sylvan, CIO of Princeton Review, President of Tutor Vista, and VP of Product at ETS (Creators of the SAT, GMAT, and GRE).



Kids Love Code is supported by education and technology experts out of the Harvard and Stanford Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab. With these proven, project-based courses, Kids Love Code offers the ideal synthesis of online learning and STEAM education.
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