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NO!!!   Our camp is only about half on the computers. The other half of the day is split into many exercises, from team-building to fun outside camp games, to creative games like charades based on our projects.

In our game-making classes, kids learn object oriented programming (or coding), which is basically the type of programming taught in Computer Science courses in college. Campers also learn to create levels by utilizing game design skills and concepts specific to each software, create digital artwork and animations, and understand the entire development process critical to most jobs in the tech work force.

We have several instruction sessions that focus around the class receiving instruction directly from an instructor in an interactive lesson format. Then we have building time, when campers interact with the programs to create their projects hands-on, and then feedback and iterate cycles, in which students receive feedback from their peers (pair and share) and instructors as they continue to develop their projects. There is also consistent feedback and guidance provided throughout building times because our very low student to instructor ratio allows for all student questions to be answered quickly and thoroughly.

Typically, when students ask questions, instructors answer them with questions that help lead students to the answers themselves. This approach allows students to build their logical problem-solving and discovery process through both inductive and deductive reasoning. This type of logical reasoning is integral to success in many fields and in school. Occasionally, questions will be direct and straight forward, and in some of these instances, direct answers may be provided. Normally, though, we prefer students to come up with the answers to their most important questions on their own, with our guidance if needed. Our goal is to help kids ask better questions as they develop their skills, and become better at testing their own hypotheses to figure out how to create aspects of their projects. This is what makes great programmers.


Kids Love Code is supported by education and technology experts out of the Harvard and Stanford Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab. With these proven, project-based courses, Kids Love Code offers the ideal synthesis of online learning and STEAM education.
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