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MCLD : Setup [Student]

MCLD: Setup

Before we get started with the lessons, you must purchase Minecraft and install it on your computer.
See the guide below for instructions on how to install Minecraft on your computer.

If you have already purchased and installed Minecraft on your computer, you may skip this Unit.

Installing Minecraft

You can purchase Minecraft Java Edition by visiting this page:


Click “Buy Minecraft”

You will need to create a Mojang account:

Ask your parent or guardian for assistance in creating a Mojang account and purchasing Minecraft.

You will receive an email from Mojang with a Verification code.

It is time to purchase Minecraft. Your parent or guardian will need to input their payment information to on the next screen to complete the purchase.

After you have purchased Minecraft you will be able to download and install it!

Click Download for Windows to download the installer for Windows. (Mac users click “Show all download options”)

Mac users click Download for MacOS.



You will want to open the installer when it is done downloading

Click on Next to get started and then go through all the steps without having to change anything.


Until you get to the screen that says Finish.

Now you can click on the Minecraft Icon.

It’s time to start CRAFTING!

The first time that you start Minecraft, it will take some time to download the files you need to run the game. This will not happen every time.


You are all set!

Move on to the next Unit to get started with the lesson.

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