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Lesson 4.5: Monkey [Instructor] PRO

Write an algorithm to make a monkey Write the code in pencilcode.net



Lesson 4.5


Description :

The objective is to create a monkey, starting with the algorithm, meaning the steps to do it then write the code in pencilcode.net. Start with the review of the concept of algorithm.

An algorithm is a list of steps that you can follow to finish a task.

Let’s write an algorithm to make this monkey:

Have the students give you the instructions step by step to create the monkey

Draw a brown circle

Move left

Draw another circle same size

Move right

Draw a bigger orange circle

move right

draw a small black circle for the right eye

Move left

Draw a small black circle for the left eye

You may think about the instructions for the smile

Before starting with the code, review the concept of a Program

Program – An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.

Programming – The art of creating a program.


We are going to create a program to make the monkey

Login to http://www.pencilcode.net

Make a new file: monkey

Add the coding blocks in pencilcode.net one by one showing the results and talking about each coding line.

Make sure they follow you by line #


Line 1: Draw the first brown circle for the right ear

Notice the turtle is facing up

Line 2-3: Turn the turtle left and move forward

Line 4: Draw the second brown circle for the left ear

Notice the turtle is facing left


Line 5: Move back to the middle of the two circles

Line 6: Draw the orange circle for the face

The turtle is in the middle facing left


Line 7: Move back to the right side of the face

Line 8: Draw a small black circle for the right eye

The turtle is facing left

Line 9: Move forward to the left side of the face

Line 10: Draw a small black circle for the left eye

The turtle is covering the left eye

You can add another command to hide the turtle, as shown in line 11

Here is the code

dot ‘brown’, 100

lt 90

fd 200

dot ‘brown’, 100

bk 100

dot ‘orange’, 200

bk 60

dot ‘black’,20

fd 100

dot ‘black’, 20


Challenge of the day

Have them to figure out how to make the smile.

Here is the code to add the smile

Challenge Part two

Improve the monkeys smile by filling it in.

lt 90

fill red


Wrap Up

What would you change to his program?

What would you add to this program?

If you exchange the order of the code would you get the same result?

Last Updated:7/24/2019


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